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Originally Posted by peyton0914 View Post
Hi everyone I'm so glad I found this thread for Wonderslim. I was hoping they had a website with forums like medifast does but this is nice to see. I ordered Wonderslim and it arrives on Tuesday I can't wait to start. I read a ton of reviews and decided to do WS instead of Medifast because of cost and taste. I've done Medifast and I don't like most of the products and I was always hungry. I have 110lbs to lose and I want to lose 60 of those by he end of August when we are going to Disney I refuse to be this fat for Disney and I need all the support I can get.
What do you find works best with wonderslim? I can't drink just shakes I need food so I ordered shakes, puddings, pretzels, chips and the entrees like cheesy mack and a few others. Just wondering what you all have on a tpical day and how you have made this program work best for you? Advice and support is much appreciated!!!

Melissa from NJ
Welcome Melissa! From what I've read in past threads and how supportive these guys are, you've found a great group to stick with through your journey. I myself am just 6 days in now. :-) So far my typical day looks a lil like this: wake up about 6:45a, have my morning apples n cinnamon oatmeal and a mocha shake with instant coffe and unsweetened almond milk; morning snack around 9:30 and will be another shake made with unsweetened almond milk, lunch a lil after 12 and I have been eating the spicy mac n cheese every day because i love it that much..and have a snack bar with it, afternoon snack around 3:30 which is another shake with unsweetened almond milk, then dinner between 5:30-6:30 which will be something like a ceassar salad or some shrimp and veggies. then cheesacake around 8.

It's completely do-able!

Originally Posted by REKP View Post
I was whining to my husband about my 2 pound loss this week. He is my voice of reason. He said "You're doing all you can co. All that's left is patience." I have a problem being patient when I want more results and I want them faster. Oh well...quiting is not an option, so guess I'm going to have to work on my impatient self.
2 lbs a week is fabulous! Don't let that get you down!!!

Originally Posted by ChattieOne View Post
So, I went to Weight Watchers today to weigh in ... This (remember) is my first week on WS ... and I feel SO MUCH lighter, and my clothes fit SO MUCH BETTER ... so, you can understand my surprise when they told me I was down 3.4LBS ... I assumed it was at least 5! Anyway, I am happy and am aiming for another 3 or more next week.

Last Monday I had that "4 large homemade chocolate chip cookie" fiasco .. but other than that (oh, and an extra 3 oz banana the other day), I've been 100% OP - weighing my portions at dinner and everything.

My husband said my face looks thinner ... which was sweet & encouraging, although I'm actually aiming for parts a little lower than the face to thin out (lol). Sigh!! :/ I guess the part that bothers me is that they say they first week you usually lose more than you will each consecutive week ... so I was hoping for a larger loss. Ok - enough of me whining.
It's gotta feel good when other people notice you are losing :-)

Originally Posted by Shero View Post
One last thing. My treadmilling has been going great. I have increased my distance in the last week. Excitement!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by speedofsound View Post
I'm doing the New Lifestyle Plan using the Wonderslim products. I'll often times add a can of diced Tomatoes to several of the entrees in order to beef up the volume. It turns them more into a soup or stew, but I cook it down to make it nice and thick/chunky. Throw some rotel into the spicy chili and it will more than double the volume while adding only 65 calories. Its extra spicy though and will clean your sinus! The Tomatoes are part of your lean and green for the day and they are allowed. One thing I am thinking about doing is adding a can of tuna fish to the spicy mac and cheese. I like tuna helper and this might be a good substitution technique to stretch the volume out. On the New Lifestyle Plan you can have 8oz of lean meat a day. I've been on this for less than 2 weeks, so I'm sure I will stumble across some inventive ways to stay on plan and doctor up the meals at the same time. Let me know if you come across any!
Sounds like you are doing great! Just a word of caution - while I'm no expert on this plan by any means, nor have I been on it long...I've read tons of posts and threads on various forum sites where people get stuck into a plateau with not losing when they try to hard to pick different aspects of different plans to suit their needs/wants. If it's working for you that's fantastic! :-) It's easier to get too many calories or carbs or what have you when you are mixing and matching plans.
I WILL get there!!
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