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Default advice-my coach would not have a clue if i asked

I am coming here to ask for words of encouragement and advice.
I did IP two weeks before Christmas and lost nine pounds.
I ended up stopping because of the way I was feeling.
I have heart palpitations from time to time, but on this diet started having them severe.
It was extremely scary. I began to research and knowing a good bit because I am nurse, I found very low Carb diets can do this. I found others including a doctor who also have had problems like this on low Cal diets. I decided week to try again this past week. This has been a horrible week. I have been so hungry even drinking an extra shake to the point I was not even myself just sick. I have tried to fight it. I have got to lose weight for NY health. I am very discouraged. My coach weighs a Buck o five and has never done the diet. Her mom did. They have the clinic. She had not had any one phase out or learned everything yet. She is sweet but completely no medical knowledge. So I really go buy products and chat she is no support. I want to do this, I need advice. Has anyone here had this happen or know anyone? Also how to I keep from being so sick on this diet from feeling I am not getting enough
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