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I do think you can do 60 by August. You're young and probably quite active. I think it is very reasonable to expect 10 pounds a month so that should work for you. If it doesn't, you'll be very close!

I've lost 24 pounds...correction, 21 pounds since I regained 3 but I am nearly 60, have some health issues, and so inactive I almost could be rooted. I keep planning to go sign up for water therapy exercise but it seems to keep being postponed. Right now we are awaiting some test results to see if my husband will need to be hospitalized...chronic issue that had been a bit better the last couple of years. So much better that we had almost forgotten the frequent hospital stays of the past.

Anyway...if you guys miss me for a day or so, don't worry. I may not be where I can access my laptop for a day or so. We may be traveling out-of-state for a surgery. I just don't feel like explaining it right now as it is a lengthy thing to understand. Short story is it involves his gastric pacemaker and we don't know what's happened...could be the battery or a wire dislodged. Last time a wire had eroded into his stomach and they had to cut a little wedge of the stomach out. I'm hoping and praying this isn't as serious as that was. I think we may know more after a test they'll run on Monday. Not going to think about it right now since we're at the waiting stage.

As for my diet...stress always causes problems but it's a catch-22 as the nerves also cause an upset stomach...not going to concern myself with that now either. This is one of those life moments when the diet dims and other priorities surface.
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