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Originally Posted by TOY View Post
Welcome, Melissa! Glad to have you join us for the journey. I like the pastas (after I learned to use a large enough bowl to avoid the boil over). Sometimes I add a dollop of fat free sour cream to the pasta with the beef and have a mock stroganoff (sp??? idea...LOL). Plus, a very big surprise to me has been the mocha shake. Never would have guessed it would be my "go to" before chocolate!

Chattie, sounds like you're off to a good start! More than likely you had already lost your water weight with your WW program. I would guess that what you lost this week is true fat so that's a very good thing!

Rose, shoot, 2 pounds in a week trumps 5 in a month any day of the year...LOL! Don't let yourself get discouraged like I did. I'm still trying to shake off the disappointment.

Shout-outs to the rest of you...ExTex, Speed, Now, Shero, and Sara. Hope you're all having a pleasant weekend. It's really cold here today for a change (unseasonably warm prior to this) and getting my water down is a chore. Oh well, needs to be done regardless of the temp outside.
Good to know about needing bigger bowls thanks Toy!!! Ho long have you been on WS and can I ask how much you have lost? Do you think 60lbs is obtainable for me by the end of August? I can't do just shakes though I the WS snacks and entrees too.

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3rd Goal 100lbs by March 2013
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