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Hi everyone I'm so glad I found this thread for Wonderslim. I was hoping they had a website with forums like medifast does but this is nice to see. I ordered Wonderslim and it arrives on Tuesday I can't wait to start. I read a ton of reviews and decided to do WS instead of Medifast because of cost and taste. I've done Medifast and I don't like most of the products and I was always hungry. I have 110lbs to lose and I want to lose 60 of those by he end of August when we are going to Disney I refuse to be this fat for Disney and I need all the support I can get.
What do you find works best with wonderslim? I can't drink just shakes I need food so I ordered shakes, puddings, pretzels, chips and the entrees like cheesy mack and a few others. Just wondering what you all have on a tpical day and how you have made this program work best for you? Advice and support is much appreciated!!!

Melissa from NJ
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