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Aaron awsume job on the weightloss!

I am now back on nite shift at work. Today is the end of my 1st week. Its been a very LONG week as I had to work days Sunday & Monday had Tuesday off then started nites Wednesday. I had 1 day off this week. The good thing is I now have the next 4 days off before going back to work. Adjusting to nites is hard but I do enjoy them more as its more laid back & not all the BS drama stuff as days.

My 1 yr at IBM was Jan. Afew weeks ago my Team lead pulled me aside & told me he is trying to create a postition that he wants to put me in, plus told me he wants me to write up the dispatchers documentation. I have only been a true dispatcher since September (I think) He told me that he wanted me to do it since it looks like I seem to do more then the other dispatchers in my group. Its kinda funny cuz when I started at IBM I was talking to another new hire & told them Id like to be like my husband & be in a manager role with in 5 yrs. I am now not real sure I want the manager position after being here for a yr but am on my way. I know I will upset a few people in the process. Just the new position will upset afew. They all say its the yes man that moves forward & yes I do what I am told but at the same time I have gave my imput on different things in the department & continue to learn more about the job.

I have been amazed that I have not gained any weight this winter as I have mentioned before I had been eating more then usual but think I got that under control again. I have been going from 126 - 128. I have been very stressed lately & not just with my D that I am going threw. Not sure I can say that yet as we have not filed yet. But my sister needs to have a heart moniter surgicaly installed & kept for the next 2 yrs, not sure when it will be installed yet. I have another friend that will be having surgery on the 20 if its not postponed again. He has a tumer that is cancer in his stomach & while they did some of the tests to make sure he can handle the surgery they found out that he has issues with a ventrical in his heart. A different friend may have Hodgkin decease. On top of that DS father has a spot in his lung that he doesnt want to go have checked out farther.

I would LOVE to go on vacation again! How far in advance do you need to know? If I can find a good deal on airline tickets (& actuelly have money in the account) I would love to take you up on that deal. If you cant tell by my post I need another vacation

Well better go it getting close to the end of my shift. Plus I am sure you all have had enough of my crazy spelling cuz I am pretty much seeing cross eyed at the moment. I am still adjusting to to the nite thing & not sleeping the best during days quite yet.
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