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Sara, the birth of a child is always a miracle but it sounds as if your survival was a miracle of great proportions! I think it's wonderful that you realize and embrace that you have a special purpose.

Speed, more than likely that fast gain you experienced was from the salt in the restaurant foods. That pesky sodium can really do a number on you but thankfully it can be flushed out pretty quickly, too. I think you were wise to go ahead and enjoy your planned outing and then get back to your program. I think sometimes I overcompensate "after" the fact because I felt so deprived at the time. This is a long road ahead and life doesn't just stop for dieters. I think I'm needing to adjust my "all or nothing" mentality as it doesn't seem to be fitting properly.

Shero, I still haven't understood why our thread was closed...don't suppose it matters since we have another one but for some reason I expected it to go much longer. Oh long as we all migrated to the new one, no harm done.

Chattie, I've been meaning to try that sloppy joe packet but haven't. You made it sound so good that I think I will. I had heard other good reviews about it but somehow it keeps getting pushed back into the corner while I continue to pick my favorites.

Speaking of which...did you all get an email about WS cookies? I'm not sure if they are totally new but they are new to me. I ordered some for those days I have trouble getting everything in. Somehow I doubt I'll have trouble eating a cookie...LOL

Rose, where exactly is that blog? I had found one on here that I really enjoyed reading but can't locate it now. Don't know if the girl has gotten too busy to write entries or what but I loved her style of writing. I never could figure out how to bookmark her blog either.

Nowisthetime, about a year or so ago I bought one of those doctor type, balance arm scales. I had a digital scale and an old-fashioned scale already but neither of them ever gave a consistent reading. It was just like you described. I could step off and then back on and get something very different. Never did know what was right! Finally my husband insisted I buy the doctor kind...LOL...the only time he ever "insists" I buy something is when he's tired of hearing me complain about it.

ExTex, hope all is going well for you.

Everyone have a great weekend!
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