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Default so glad i found you all

ok, i have been doing the calorie counting for 2 weeks and it is going pretty well. I normally have to eat a HUGE breakfast and then it is late afternoon before I am hungry.

I want to do more green smoothies. Does anyone suggest or have done say a 14day green smoothie challenge? how did it work for you? how was it going back to adding more foods in your lifestyle?

We live in Taiwan and so fruits and veggies are AWESOME!!! I am curious though, do you get hungry quick? What if you are not home all day, do you make a huge one and take it to work?

I am reallyh oping to get on this and get healthy!! I have about 60lbs to lose.

THis am I made spinach, banana, strawberry one!!! WOW!!! awesome taste. Last week I made, spinach, banana, papaya one!! This afternoon might do romaine, papaya and pineapple (fresh pineapple!!) and see how that goes. It might be just a weekend to explore!! any good websites to try?
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