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I'm enjoying your progress reports, Grace. I've been doing PureFoods off and on for a long time, though not the gluten-free version. I've been getting a bunch of snafus lately, and today I had a talk with Susan in customer service. She's great, by the way. Anyway, she said they're changing their menu a bit, which the web site hasn't caught up with yet. Also, the shipping department installed some new software, and it's not working the way they thought it would. They're having a bunch of issues.

After my years (yes, years) of being on this program, this is the first time I've had so many shipping and supply problems. I hope they get them worked out soon. In the meantime, I'm thinking of trying another company's food. Was BistroMD as good as PureFoods? Better? Thoughts welcome. I've never done any home delivery program but PureFoods and am thinking I should remedy that.
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