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Default Wow! Feels good to be amonst friends again.

Holly, glad your trip to the desert on a Harley went better than me and DH going to Las Vegas in 2010, renting a broken down Harley...thought for sure I was going to melt into the pavement! It was SO hot! Thanks for the nice Welcome back!

Reda, and everyone, you are welcome to use the trip to Cozumel, Cancun, Acupolco... The all inclusive fee varies on the seasons. (like $89 max/day) I can drink and eat my all inclusive fee right up. That is a no brainer. The airfare kills an economical vacation from up here though! The resort is Royal Holiday. We paid a fortune to buy into this deal and have unlimited stays for 5 years. Even if we went 10 times a year, you can all go too, if you can GET there! The hidden cost is $20 in taxes at the end of the week. No tips, no food cost or drink cost... We went on a few excursions but really just enjoyed hanging out and talking with the folks we met at the pools, bars, commons area, restaurants. We were treated very well!!

We have been looking into taking an Alaskan cruise. They are a bit more expensive than what I was thinking they should be. Back burner for now.

With all this vacation talk it really should motivate me to lose some weight. I DID manage to get that airline seatbelt buckled without an extender--but I wasn't comfortable!!

When I went to the Doc this week I also had my cholesterol checked, and a test run (FSH) to see where I sit in the whole grand scheme of menopause. "They" say too early, I say I've been there, and done that. If I haven't--LOOK OUT when it does hit! Friends and family better stay out of my way then! I'm really wondering the outcome. No doubt my cholsterol is crazy, it's the other one I really want the answer to. Wait and see...

Wyo, I've been lost, and just found my way back. Hope you stick around with the folks on this site. They are really wonderful people. Very encouraging! In all aspects of life--not just weight loss!

Arron, sounds like you're progressing right along with WL since I've been on board! Good for you!

Dawn, good luck to you! I sincerly do hope that you can get "stuff" worked out and move on. No doubt this has all taken a huge emotional toll on you!

Tammy, you sound kinda busy! Wow! Slow down girl!

Snowing now...darn, I was liking the thoughts of Spring already.

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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