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Default I'm baa aack!

It seems so humilitating to come to an online forum where everyone is doing so great, and I am doing NOT so great! I like the friendship and the support you have all tried so hard to give. So, if I may still be a part of your "group" as horrible as my weight loss, or lack there of, is I'll catch you up to speed.

First off, it was so long since I had logged in that I forgot my user name!!

Last year at work the agent "retired". The office has been running fine for a year without a boss! A new agent has been appointed that will start in August. No promises of a job for either of us in the office. We did make it very clear that we weren't going to work for minuimum wage, but that we would consider staying at our current wage. So far our jobs will last until the end of July.

In May I was trying hard to lose some pounds to no avail. Yo-Yo should be my middle name!

September my DS got married, and they are expecting my first grandbaby in March!! Very soon! I'm so excited!

Last November DH and I went to Cozumel through our timeshare. (all inclusive) Had a wonderful time and bought into more of a timeshare deal. Not sure if it was a good idea, but it's a done deal now! I am so ready to go BACK! Anyone wanting to take a trip? With our purchase the stay is free. It's getting there! Airfare is too crazy!

Christmas was good--lots of baby stuff for DS and DIL, and filled freezer for DD and SIL. I-pads for DH and I!

New Years we had a Progressive dinner again. A few less participants than before, but still fun.

Wisconsin winter has been good to us this year! Today it's cold, but the sun is bright!

This week I have been nursing Bronchitis. Went to the doc. Yesterday I slept for 14 hours! Drugged I am! I knew I had taken enough Nyquil/Dayquil when I climbed into the shower and put hair conditioner on the washrag for my face! DH was just as miserable and missed a couple days of driving too.

This weekend we are going to the local bowling alley in support of the Breast Cancer fund raiser. Neither of us planning on bowling, but like to attend the festivities!

I think I have some posts to catch up on! Hope you are all hanging in there. I see by way of FB of some Cancun pictures! Awesome!

Hope to catch up and chat with you all some more.

to get back to where I was when I gave up... then it's a new goal... 10 pounds a month.
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