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Color me shocked, too, for the change in the thread. It switched out a bit differently last time but I'm still so new I don't know the pattern. I just go to the last page so I don't have any difficulty in navigating. Makes it harder though to go back to respond to others at first...

I almost totally forgot to post today...weird, I know. I'm still in a bit of a limbo stage and plan a total restart tomorrow morning. I think my creating a bit of the "excitement" again is going to help me get back in focus.

Anyway, if my posting is limited in the next few days, it's because I'm hoping to tackle some major housework I've been postponing. I'm not gone for good so no rescue attempts needed but when I'm hungry and tired, I avoid temptation by going to sleep. May be doing several sleep "breaks" the next few days as I restart again.

I'll drop in when I can but for sure by the weekend I should be back in my pattern. Ugh...gotta try something. I'm just wasting this month by the day!
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