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Question Is anyone familiar with/ or following the original points plan?

I am not following the points plus plan, I have everything from the original plan from a friend of mine and I wanted to know if anyone remembers it well enough to give me some pointers.

I calculated that based on my weight 210, that I need around 27 pts a day. When I calculated my BMR it said that it is about 1750. I also found out that 1 pt is roughly 50 calories each so that would put my caloric intake at around 1350, not counting veggies (because they don't count). I am wondering if maybe this is too many pts and that may be why I don't see the scale moving.
Should I drop down to 25 pts a day to equal around 1250 a day or should I just forget calories all together and eat the 27 pts and give things more time to start moving?
I will say this though, things are fitting looser so maybe I should just stay away from the scale a while longer?

Any thoughts, suggestions, tips or tricks?
Thanx so much to anyone who answers!
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