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Originally Posted by 2RIDEROLLERCOAST View Post
A year ago this week I decided to do something about my weight. I hadn't weighed myself for at least 1 year if not more. At work an amazing man some of you may remember Couts, he was the ever shrinking man. I asked him HOW, I then found a clinic near my house and made an appointment and the rest was history. My first weigh in I was so ashamed of my weight I weighed in at 241. When asked what was my goal, I had thought hard about this and I didn't ever remember being 140 so that was my set date. I thought the food tasted a little weird but after a week I started really liking knowing exactly what I was eating every day. Loved that I could have chocolate and chips and puddings. What a diet... and that first week what a shock 11 lbs I was hooked... as the weeks continued it was 4 lbs here 3 lbs there and so down my weight went. I spent a lot of time on this website as it was so helpful having people there that were doing the same thing. As my first 25 lbs gone, the changes were amazing, my face was thinner I was looking for different clothing to wear. 50 lbs came and went decided I needed a new hair style there went the long hair in a ponytail, to shoulder lenght bob. Next 75 lbs there I celebrated with a tattoo of both my dogs' paws one on each calve, and the proceeds went to charity of a rescue organization. After that my weight lose slowed but I continued I wasn't giving up. I began to yo-yo one week I would gain weight the next I would lose, then I would gain and again lose. It seemed like I was in the 170s for ever.. finally I hit 165 and was so excited. There I struggled some more, it is a hard time when everyone is telling you that you look great you don't need to lose anything more. I knew that I looked okay but I still was set to my goal. Even my coach began to say maybe you shouldn't go any further still I persisted. I went through a bootcamp for a couple of weeks, then I did phase 2 for 10 days, still yo-yoing back to phase 1 and lost a little so back to phase 2 I went and then I went to phase 3. That is just a weird thing to eat fruit, yogurt and bread with butter or my case peanut butter. You get so full but know you are doing things properly. I finally lost in phase 3 I was so excited. We decided that I wasn't quite at my goal, but I would go into maintenance anyway. Nov 21 I went into maintenance weighing 146. 95 lbs lost in 10 months I was looking forward to what maintenance would provide and how I would handle it. They let you loose with a little advise about carbs and fats and they should never be together as two kids that always fight... and off you go.
To celebrate my 95 lbs lost I donated 95 lbs of food to a food drive put on my a local radio station.
Finally as a celebration my dear friend who is a photographer did a photo shoot for me, this being my late Dad's birthday so it couldn't have been a better day to celebrate life and knowing that I will be healthier.

Now you know how we say this diet is easy just strict? It is so true, I enjoyed a few "fun days" and was so afraid to gain weight I didn't totally do more than a extra snack after my first fun day... well long story short with Christmas and all I did gain weight I am at about 160 again and have decided that I would go on phase 1 again for a couple of weeks to reset my pancreas. I have to figure out what makes me gain weight... I know it is either bread, peanut butter or dairy. Probably the peanut butter as I LOVE peanut butter.
All I want you all to remember that maintainence is hard but once you figure out what your body cannot tolerate you should be good... or like me go back to phase 1 to see if you can lose those lbs again.

Those who struggle and don't seem to make it a week without cheating or giving up, please please for your own good don't cheat it just sets you back. I didn't cheat until the end of my yo-yo cycle and it didn't help me at all. I have gone to potlucks, out for supper, to a funeral, through Christmas and through some sad times and a lot of good times and I am here to say This Diet works you just have to be ready to do it. The keys I found are drink your water and more, have a good support system, and don't worry about what others say or how much calories, how much carbs etc you are eating, you have time to worry about that when you get to maintenance. Set goals, big ones and little ones, and pamper yourself when you can.
I want to thank all that have supported me here.
My friends, Arti for giving me clothing from size 16 - 5, Leslie for not trying to get me to indulge when she did, Emma who started around the same time and was so nice to have someone to talk to. Tracey for the wonderful picture, Rene for the man that lead the way... and so many more that encouraged me along the way.

Now I am on a new leg of this journey/marathon I find myself looking back going wow I came a long way. I may never reach my goal but I made a promise to myself not to ever get that heavy ever again. I am enjoying life more. I started running with my Red Dog. This weekend was a goal long in coming, Red Dog Rebel got her Agility Trial Dog of Canada and I am so proud of her. It was a sad day though as 2 weeks ago I said goodbye to my first Agility Partner and furry Friend. I know that Jewel was barking and cheering us on as we competed today.
Have a great weekend everyone and I hope this has encouraged those that need encouraging and just shows that this diet works and if you do start gaining weight you know how to lose. Keep up the good work all!
Congratulations on your fantastic journey!

I've admired your persistence and ability to keep focused even in the midst of the obstacles you faced with your stalls. Have you had a physical lately? I think it might be a good idea to check your thyroid and cortisol levels.. they could be the culprits in slowing things down and making your gain weight quickly. Just a thought, though.
Good luck on your continuing journey, I'm really glad you continue to share your experience with us.

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