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Originally Posted by showgirlaz View Post
- you aren't allowed the occasional veggies til 70% lost (just my coach's rule)
- you aren't allowed the restricted foods until you reach goal (just my coach's rule)
- your birth control may be interfered with
- you may lose your hair, A LOT of your hair
- you will become constipated
- your skin could become dry, cracked, and bleeding
- you will get bored with the food, the veggies, the routine... stick with it
- it will be hard to treat a cold if you get one because of sugar in medicine
- some of your prescriptions will effect your average weight loss
- you will not lose 3 - 5 pounds every week it may or may not even be your average if you are on the program more than 3 months.
- your menstrual cycle will go through changes and may not be what you expect
- you will feel horrible at times as your body adjusts and corrects, but you will get through if you stick it out
- you may reach a point you gag on the salads you have to eat
- you will crave things you have never liked and come to hate things you use to love
- you will have strange dreams of eating off plan foods
- eating out will become boring because it will feel like you can only eat the same things, ANYWHERE
- you will want to walk up to strangers and tell them all about how Ideal Protein can change their life... think twice before you act on that impulse.
- you will have times that you will lose many more inches than pounds and that is OK! Weight loss is not just about the number on the scale but how your body shape is changing and how your clothes fit.
- You will want to give up. DON'T! Write down your reason and inspiration for doing this today and read it everyday until you get to your goal.

That is just a few that came to my mind! I guess there was a lot I wish I was told!
Wow! Thanks for sharing - it's encouraging to me.
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