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User Name: Sophie (middle name) First name Stephanie

Location: Ontario, Canada

Age: 67 (its only a number)

Current weight: 166 started at 188 but weight a lot more earlier.

Marital Status: Married for 42 years to the love of my life.

Languages spoken: English, Ukrainian and French

Kids: Two sons, one daughter, all grown and one most adorable grandson.

Pets: None, but love dogs

Work: Use to work in human resources a long time ago until the kids came along and then was a SAHM.

Hobbies: Weaving (a passion), knitting, beading, spinning (fiber), reading, cooking and baking, gardening and travelling

Favourite Exercise: Walking Canada Trails, walking in general

Favourite food: Anything to do with French cooking and a glass of wine but only of weekends.

Favourite colour: Turquoise and collect turquoise jewellery

Problem with weight: Weekends.

I have tried many diets but have been able to stick to South Beach the best. One thing I found I just can't handle making that special little S.B. dessert for moi. Became more successful with I stopped and have really just had a sliver of something on that special occasion.
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