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good morning! :coffee

wyo, hope you have a nice visit. You mentioned ketosis, is that part of Atkins, or IP? just wondering what 'program' you are on.

Reda, oh wow 10 days in AZ would be great! and now people are telling me that New Mexico is even more beautiful desert-wise, more rocks, buttes etc.

Tammy - I did my first weigh in yesterday; in 8 days I am down 3 lbs. I did not take measurements, so maybe some of that is 'water weight'. But it sure feels good to change the tracker down doesn't it. I really should take measurements, I only didn't want to feel blah seeing numbers I don't like. This is approx. what I have been having each day -

B - Egg substitute, mixed with dinner leftovers (either chicken breast and a few veggies; maybe ground beef with a few veggies, and a sauteed onion. I Love eggs...the egg substitute is good, but real eggs taste better to me. I usually make enough to have for both breakfast and I bring it for lunch too. The egg substitute is low in calories..120 calories for 1 cup of the liquid, so I go ahead and pour 2 cups in; that makes alot.

L - the egg stuff. OR a can of tuna fish, mixed with 2 TBSP. of low fat mayo, celery, onion. If I'm home, I wrap it in lettuce leaves to eat. If I have raw veggies hanging around, I have those too (reg/green peppers are my fave. No carrots in Phase 1)

snack - cup of non-fat greek yogurt, with some Splenda and a big sprinkle of coffee powder.

dinner - whatever DH has made, he is being considerate and keeping starch out of the protein that he makes (chicken breast, lean ground beef) He knows I love veggies cooked in a pan with a little oil but alot of heat, so that they get kinda charred. And salad greens if I can make myself eat them (kinda hard without salad dressing. Sometimes I dump the dinner food over the greens so I have to eat them)

snack - my allotted 2 TBSP of natural peanut butter, in a tiny cup, eaten with a silver slender baby spoon with a cup of coffee.

Hey Aaron, and Dawn

hope everyone has a good day. Just another day of work for me. But I am having such a good winter depression has NOT hit me and I am so thankful. I even enjoy the drive to work, especially if it is sunny, I love the light coming in through the sunroof
Holly - but my road name is Cupcake

My program - Watching portions and trying to avoid empty carbs; at-home workouts
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