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Don't give up.
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Damiilya, I've never been to Holland. Sounds glamorous to me, cold or not. I think we are often drawn to what we're not used to. I like the weather in Southern California, but I'm a pretty adaptable person and I shape myself into whatever makes sense for my interests, usually.

Good for you that you are working on establishing healthy habits while you are young and keeping in mind that your body is still growing and changing. Trust me, in a few years, everything will change all over again. I miss my 16-year old body...even my 25 year old body; it was easier to lose and gain at that time and now I'm 34 and my body does not want to give up its fat. Grrr. So, I get discouraged, but...discipline is important and I'm trying to re-learn it! Listen to your body and when you're hurting, take the cue to relax and heal a little.

I'm down to 173-174 today, which is good because it's less than before. I don't feel like I've lost anything, yet, but my clothes fit the way I expected them to at this weight. I hope I can lose two pounds next week and maybe if I start exercising more, I can bump it up to three (but, I think that's too optimistic). I think that next week, I'll increase my exercise and start logging/recording my calories. Now that I've gotten myself in a place where I am being mindful and paying attention to what's going on, I think I need to increase my efforts and work a little harder.

Life's going as it goes. Some recent success in my field, some recent sorrows stemming from my broken marriage, but I'm feeling a little stronger and in part, I think that's tied into making an effort on fitness and work despite my desire to avoid and ignore it. Choosing to curb my emotional eating (or at least restricting it to berries and fruit and raw veggies) seems to be helpful in making me feel like I'm in control. So...maybe -2 pounds next week is possible!
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