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MAUVAIS-WELCOME BACK!!!!!! Hope you had fun! Everything was fine while you were gone, no swearing, no problems, no reprimands from higher up....

Squeak-YUCK!! Sorry things have been so rough for you. I think you have been suffering through somebody ELSE'S bad karma, because you sure don't deserve all of that.

Ellis-YUP! It is hard to eat with chop sticks when your hands are asleep!!! (Or ceased up!!)


Soozie-Hope your sweetie-pies get better SOON, and that YOU don't get it!!!!!

Lidian-Ellis is right. I tend to worry too, but if you fake it nobody knows!!!

I am back on track with phase 1, and trying to work more. Have an order to get out, which explains why I have been on the computer for the last hour!!!
DS13 is sick, and i think I have been fighting it off. DS16 is looking at maps and planning on where to move as an adult. First choice is England, but he is now considering Ireland. As a kid I always thought I'd move to England too!!
I guess it depends on whether he ends up being a rock star or a biologist....(don't ask!!)
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