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Hello Ruth! Have fun "out West". All I can imagine is you on a horse with a cowboy hat.

Ellis - I definatly fit the description! We have been too lazy to start a new thread. Besides we keep posting in the one for the week before too. :P

Well I am not sure what I did originally to warrent the bad karma, but yesterday was awful. I spent most of my day "firefighting" problems at work which I shouldn't have been dealing with, and not getting done what I was suppose to be doing. The problems required getting help from someone is not interested in helping unless it is benefical to her, so it was a painful process. Had no time for breakfast, little time for lunch. Got a little bit done, but was assigned a number of other projects on top of what I have. That makes me even more edgy then I have been. One of the few people in the other office I like, I found out is leaving. Got stuck behind a driver on my way home that couldn't figure out which lane he wanted to be in, which always annoys and scares me. Got home, and was relaxing in my living room when I heard a crash in the bedroom. Someone threw a rock though my bedroom window. Went through the screen, window and shade. Called my landlord for help. The window was removed, and I cleaned up the glass. This of course freaked me out. Then I ended up with another work problem last night (I'm on call), which caused me to have to wake up half my department because I didn't know how to fix it. It took someone all night to fix.

Today is shaping up to about the same.
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