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Eesh! I'm so far behind. I have all the photos and reviews loaded into my new WordPress blog, but I haven't finished the import from the old posts from my 3FC WP blog, and I want to put it all up at once, rather than a bit at a time. (Not sure why.)

But I have to say, I keep saying to my husband, "Ooh, I *so* like this food," and that's really fantastic, to be able to say at this point. I really look forward to some of the meals (some more than others) and there are only three that I've decided I just don't like (the chicken ones, mainly).

I worked out HARD this morning, and it felt great. I was expecting a high weigh-in, but not only was I down from last week, but my Wii Fit told me I had gone into "overweight" (from "obese") and I remember when that happened my first journey, here (I was also crossing from the 200s into "onederland," back then) and it is reason to celebrate.

I'm so excited about how good I feel. Gotta travel late next week, and yeah, I hope to do more walking and I always drink a TON of water (I actually don't drink sodas, teas, coffee, or anything other than water -- unless it's cocktail time, heh heh), so even though my food choices are limited, I think knowing I'm headed in the right direction otherwise, I may make even better choices on this next trip than I did in January, because I really don't want to undo the good I'm doing.

How's your back? I haven't had a chance to check your blog, but I really hope you're feeling great and that all is well! Heck, with EVERYONE reading this thread! Hope everything is going well!

Here's to a short, but powerful, month of getting fit! Yay!
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