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Hi girlies,
I'm just popping in for a short hello...I'm tired and I have a long long day tomorrow. Seeing alot of clients because I was out last week...working from 11am to 10pm tomorrow. So, might not get in any exercise time. Bummer. Did do some nice yoga today. Might do some abs and stretching before bed tonight.
we'll see if I hold up that long.

I'm doing okay with my food but routine is kind of disrupted from vacation. Have to go to Trader Joe's and stock up on my happy foods. You know, the yummy and healthy kind.

My DP is sick with a very bad cold...hope she feels better soon. DD has a touch of it as well. Hope it bypasses me because no way can I miss work after a week out of the office. Can't do it financially and can't do it to my clients. Hard to compress my schedule as it is. So, hope DD and DP have kept their little germies to themselves and meanwhile I'll just give them lots of vitamin C and chicken soup and pray that they recover quickly.

Well, gotta go...can't risk challenging my immune system by not getting enough sleep.
Love, Soozie
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