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Default I've done it.

I did the Inca trail a few years ago. I was 27 or 28. I'm not going to lie, it was hard. My friend and I are both a normal weight but we were half-hearted exercisers. I ran a mile or two every once in a while and she played tennis occasionally. We were the last two in our group. They put us with other young people who had no trouble whatsoever. They just sped right through. One girl did it in flipflops because her boots were bothering her. My friend and I, however, loped along and we both suffered a little.

Do train for this. They say the first day is flat but they clarified later that it was "Inca flat" which means uphill. The second day is lots of steps up, lots of hills, and difficult. The 3rd day is worse because it's all downhill and kills your knees. On the fourth day, it's a dash to Machu Piccu. Dont bother running. I did because everyone else took off and when we got to the overlook really early I just wondered what all the rush was for.

Make sure you buy a walking stick! So worth it on Day 3 when you're walking downhill all day.

Consider paying the extra money to have a porter carry your bag. It makes a huge difference!

Enjoy Cusco. There's plenty to do there. My friend and I got a little bit of altitude sickness when we first arrived but we were both ok by the time we did the hike. We spent 3 days in Cusco.

Bring spf1000 sunblock. I'm part native american with a yearlong tan and I still burned with spf 50. I'm talking blisters on my lips and shoulders. The sun is so intense there.

The Inca trail is gorgeous. A wonderful experience. So glad I did it (and my friend is too though she was a little peeved at me when we were suffering up the hill. Apparently I told her it would be easy). It's difficult if you dont exercise regularly, though.

Let me know if you have more questions.
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