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Welcome back Mauvais!

Oh my prophetic soul, such a lot of cleaning for such a little visit (and there's cat hair all over everything again by now, of course). Visit was nice, they are my favourite aunt & cousins, but quite short and dear DH drove them from airport to our house and to their hotel (they are off to see more family north of here). Now I am worrying about whether to invite a friend of mine and her 2 kids for a playdate...they have never been here and our 6 yr old are friends, but then she has a 2 yr old & I have a 9 yr old. Maybe we can meet in the park and then come back here for a snack...why do I stress so about these things? My mom was very shy and we did not have people over, so I don't have a blueprint for it. It always seems very tough to me. I did say I would call her though and blah blah blah!

A worrier is what I am, all right!

I may not get on here a lot as I am ferrying everyone to swimming lessons now every day for 2 weeks and that is in the morning. And then we try and find things to do in the afternoon, ha ha!

I love them a lot, but I am going to be dancing in the street when they go back to school, oh yeah!

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