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0615 Fruit tea to wake up with. Multi-vitamin. Anti-histamine. Joint mumbo jumbo pill.

0630 B - 3 tbsp muesli, tbsp summer fruits, tbsp low fat cottage cheese, tsp wheatgerm, skimmed milk. Coffee w full fat milk. Small glass of milk to take ibuprophen.

1030 S - apple, hard-boiled egg

1245 L - tin of mackerel, 3 oatcakes, salad (carrot, red pepper, celery).

1315 SF hot chocolate

1615 small glass of milk to take ibuphrofen. SF hot chocolate. Apple, 8 hazelnuts.

Mouth guard in. This is such an effective thing to do.

1800 T - beef korma (made with yoghurt not cream), brown rice, dahl, salad (sugar snap peas, cucumber).
Last night's was also beef not lamb korma. Attention wandered.

Another good day. I am so pleased the way this is working for me. I keep the post to you all updated on my BlackBerry (which keeps you and your struggles and achievements in my mind - solidarity!) and then post at the end of the day. I also look at my food log more objectively and analytically, like I do yours.

See you tomorrow.
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