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Default So what do I do now?

You know I just had this enormously huge lightbulb moment.

My husband is a pessimest. In an ENORMOUS way. Now granted, we do have a lot of hard things that we go through, especially involving money and his joint custody with his ex-wife of his daughter... but I guess I'm an optimist and try to find the good things in every situation.

So he was totally bumming that he was going to miss playing volleyball this thursday night because of having to work late. Well it ends up we have to meet with the new landlord so he had to go into work early, and get out early, so it ends up he WILL get to go play volleyball with his friends. So I mentioned that in passing and he said "Yeah but I can't go to the gym "


He also loves to whine about all his problems with people at work, but never does anything about it (like complain to his boss).

So do you have any ideas about how a person on anti-depressants who is trying hard to be happy and optimistic can effectively cope with a pessimistic husband??
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