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Getting back into it
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S/C/G: 170/ticker/120

Height: 5'2"


USER NAME: smarkey. S = Samantha. “Getting back into it” refers to the activities I want to get back into – hiking, skiing, walking, cycling – gardening on a more energetic level like I used to. More weight has meant less energy, which has meant less activity, which has led to more weight.


LOCATION: The Northwest corner of the U.S.

AGE: 51. Mid-life transition time.

MARITAL STATUS: Married. For now. Things are changing. We’ll see.

PETS: Many, including three teens. They all need constant feeding and cleaning up after.

WORK: Writer/editor. Too much time at a desk or behind a computer putting weight on my butt, but I’m driven. I’m not sure hopping on a forum that will mean more time at my computer is such a great idea, but it’s such a great idea that I will sneak in time here and there.

WHY SOUTH BEACH. I wanted to reduce the amount of sugar and grains (esp. wheat) that I consume because I heard that doing so would help bring my energy up. And I needed a plan, in writing, to follow or I just wouldn’t get there. I liked the lists of foods and the basic principles of the diet. I’m sure this change in how I eat will lead to a fitter, healthier me.

CHALLENGES: Three teens who require a house full of a variety of foods, and who eat everything in sight, but grow only vertically, and who have boundless energy (unlike the dog).

Chocolate. So far, I’m staying ahead of the chocolate, but the teens are in the lead.

Sitting at a desk triggers the desire to snack unless I’m lost in a project, but that takes energy. I need to get up from the desk for breaks more often. I know that simple action is incredibly helpful, but it’s difficult. Getting up and outside is even better. I don’t mind the rain, so I can’t use that as excuse for not getting out.

HOBBIES: Reading, writing, gardening, hiking, skiing, cooking (I still cook for the kids - it's easier than I thought it would be. That tip about clearing the kitchen of all but diet-safe food just doesn't apply in my situation).

REASON FOR WANTING TO LOSE WEIGHT: Energy! I don’t seriously expect to keep up with my teens, but I’d like to keep them in site for a while longer. And then there's this mid-life transition. I want to enjoy the next phase of my life and remain healthy through it and beyond. I've watched my mother go down hard just from lack of looking after herself properly – and food has played a huge role.

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