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Megan - If the household gets up a head of steam we'll have a weekly plan in place. Otherwise I'll be building the plan and my post on the BlackBerry as I go through the day. And then I'll post about the time I roll into bed.


0630 Fruit tea to wake up with. Multi-vitamin. Anti-histamine. Joint mumbo jumbo pill.

0730 B - 3 tbsp muesli, tbsp low fat cottage cheese, tsp wheatgerm, tbsp berries, skimmed milk. Coffee w full fat milk.

1030 S - 2 dsp berries, 2 tbsp 2% Total yoghurt (Fage)

1300 L - left-over salmon & spinach lasagne, watercress, carrot

1330 SF hot chocolate

1600 S - small berries smoothie, 4 small brazil nuts. (I looked at the last two nuts in the jar and left them for someone else. Such a good feeling!)

1730 Cut up some veg for the SO who is in charge of tea but is currently involved in a friendly shoving match with the DB on the lawn in the twilight. I put in my mouth guard and I did not nibble. Another good feeling.

1800 T - king prawn & ginger stir fry (carrot, celery, onion, yellow pepper) with soba. I added soy sauce.

That's it now. Another fishy day (followed by a The Blue Planet dvd, Megan!) See you tomorrow.

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