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I love my heart rate monitor! I am really prone to heat exhaustion and migraines related to overheating. It was suggested that I use a heart-rate monitor to make sure I don't exercise outside of a safe zone and as a result raise my body temperature too high.

I love seeing how many calories I can burn in an hour-long work out and seeing which exercises create the highest calorie burn.

I took the chest strap home to wash on Wednesday and forgot to bring it to the gym today. I thought about just forgetting about my workout because the idea of not having it didn't appeal to me. I worked out but no where near has hard as I should have.

If I could recommend one product to anyone who wants to stay motivated and on track while exercising I would definitely recommend a heart rate monitor. Mine is by POLAR and uses a chest strap that the monitor attaches too and a wrist readout. It can also connect wirelessly to the cardio machines at my gym and displays my heart rate the way it would if you used the sensors but it is constant.

I know that the more accurate ones are those that use a chest strap set-up compared to one which is only on the wrist. You can get some pretty fancy ones but mine is fairly simple and works great for me.

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