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I will try posting here as I need to cut the amount of food down. Whilst making the tea is the danger time.

Fruit tea to wake up with. Multi-vitamin. Anti-histamine. Joint mumbo jumbo pill.

B - 4 tbsp muesli, tbsp low fat cottage cheese, large pinch of wheatgerm, tbsp berries, skimmed milk. Coffee w full fat milk. NB wondering about cutting down to 3 tbsp muesli.

S - apple, few prawns, cc

L - salad, tin of mackerel, 3 oatcakes

S - apple, pnb NB I should measure this pnb if I'm going to have it.

S - 2 saffron buns. ERROR ERROR

T - small portion salmon and spinach lasagne.

Rather a fishy day and it will help my brain. See you tomorrow.
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