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hey everyone!! we're back, got back yesterday. but first...

TAMMY!!! back!! I know you were available on FB but it's sooo good to see you here sorry about the slight gain but you're working on it already and will be successful ... oh so very sorry to hear your pain with your younger son is it a bad girlfriend that has influenced him?? That must be so hard to deal with, feeling that he is not the same person. I pray and hope with you that he 'comes around'.

congrats to your older son's progress!!

lol at freezing your butt off..but I'm glad you got out for a ride. I hope you don't sell Ms. Dyna..but you do what you feel you need to do

Yay at Reda being at Cancun!!!! soaking up the rays on the warm beach, woohoo!!

Hi Dawn and Aaron

well the trip to AZ was fantastic. a day or so of business and then we picked up the Harleys. A Heritage Softail Classic for me, a Road King for dh. Really nice .SO comfortable. One day we did a couple hundred miles and it felt like nothing! Gorgeous scenery, mountains 2 or 3 times as big as our Green Mountains...buttes, mesas, cliffs, valleys stretching as far as the horizon, distant peaks..crazy beautiful.

And sun and warmth!! it unfortunaltely was partly to mostly cloudy our first couple days, but then Wed. was gorgeous, 70 and pure sun and blue skies. DH's face got sunburned and is now tan..i am as pale as ever due to my moisturizer and makeup have SPF of like 50, lol.

Hey..does anyone else feel that takeoff in a plane, is like twisting the throttle on a bike? gosh i love it.

anyway, came back to a winter storm, snow, ice everywhere, gray and gloomy. Welcome to Vermont, haha but home is good.

I'm kicking myself in the butt to get on a serious eating plan. I had no limits on the trip, and neither did DH. I truly hope to try to inspire him, it hasn't worked all these years but there is always hope. I think his weight is affecting things in the bedroom.

I had another flare of anger at him because when I was using his computer on the trip (he was right there, he offered me the use of it) and on two of his open tabs, were naked women pics...wth...I think that is the term 'addicted to porn' when you are on vacation with your wife, and you are looking at naked women with her right in the room...I let him know i was super pissed but haven't discussed it again. i need to sort out my feelings about it I guess.I KNOW he loves me and feels that I am sexy and beautiful, but he does not understand how hurtful it is to me when he looks and drools over women half my age and so beautiful. And I'm sorry but I am at least trying to stay fit and he is doing nothing.

well that was a negative moment but I am back to good I am looking at the South Beach threads, that worked for me in the past and that might be what I will try.
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