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Good morning,everyone.It is snowning today,but I shouldn't complain as we have had a very open winter so far. And the fresh snow does make everything pretty.
I am not a very chatty person. But I am a good listener! I am enjoying being here so much.
Retiredone... I have Newfoundland roots. My grandparents were from Newfoundland (on my dad's side). I have the history of where they lived and so forth tucked away somewhere in my files.
Ashenpond.... I see that you are new too. Welcome aboard.
akrosey...So happy for you that your DD and family are moving back home. Such joy that brings you.
Karen....Have been praying for your cousin's daughter.This kind of abuse is so wide spread and something really needs to be done!
Well,girls, I must go get some things done.
Have a great and joyfilled day.
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