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Hi everyone.sheesh its cold out again and as we were driving into town i wished i had my camera so u could see how high the snow banks are. we went to see a nutrionest and it sure explained alot. my dh is the 2% of folks who have trouble after a gall bladder surg who cant tolerate any fat,and to find out what his trigger foods are he is to experiment with things like moose meat and eat only that for 1 day with no seasonings and only a vegie and water. if he has a reaction then it goes on the dont eat list she said to do this with milk products meats and carbs. then we will have abetter judge of what hes allergic too. we are to keep a journal for 1 month and then go back.she said its the only true way of figuring it out. thats its a pain but using the body to tell you what not to eat. made sense to me. dh is in abetter mood,but when hes sick hes a beast but i know he's agood guy.lynn im so sry you are feeling discouraged would a help? tomorrow dh is going to anch with a former co-worker to see their other co-worker that had open heart surg,they all worked together and retired about the same time. they all have cabins near each other and love to hunt. anyways im looking forward to a day alone.i try and be a good wife but at times i just need a little me time im so excited to say that my youngest dd and family are moving back to alaska. i have not seen her in 2 yrs and was heartbroken when they moved. my dd hated the move and where they were at but followed what her dh wanted. anyways they have struggeled to make it and came to the realization that it wasnt working. so they are coming home who says prayers arnt answered as mine was. they leave oregon in mid march.i can hardly wait well here i am rambling as you all are so easy to chat with.have an awsome evening rosey

greek yogurt 1/4 c kashi cereal

2 pieces turkey bacon,1 egg
1/2 banana

coffee mocha

slice turkey
green salad

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