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Hello everyone, Gosh, I may never get caught up again. But I have read everyones posts and Welcome to all the newbies!!!

Lynn, sounds like you need to start thinking of you and give yourself a breather. Sometimes we have to learn how to put "NO" back in our vocabulary. Take care of you.

Zoe, you can't let them get to you now!! Like jess says, use up some of that vacation and sick days and then when you are there on the last day, you can BLAST them with all you have stored up for them!! Now wouldn't that be more fun?? You can even start writing a little speech for them all on your last day.

Jess, this little girl is my cousins daughter. They are living in Hawaill right now. And like Freda was saying there may be some jealousy among them. This is a response I wrote to that question. I am just so glad that I don't have any young kids growing up now in these schools. I know I would find myself in trouble...

"Maybe some jealousy for sure--- She was Miss Preteen Alaska when she lived there. She is now Miss preteen Milani Hawaii, where they are living now, has just signed a contract with a modeling agency, has been in several pageants and sang the National Anthem at several of the games in Alaska. I didn't say all that to brag-- I haven't seen her since she was tiny, and she may have an attitude too. But dog gone it no one needs to be treated like that.. I really hope her Mom does something and being military over there you think she would have some more options. I don't know."

They didn't do much to me at the dentist today, x-rays and just an exam. I will be going back next month to have root planeing and scaling--- not looking forward to that. But they didn't see a lot of anything that needed to be done as far as cavities or anything. I do have two pieces of "root tips" that are working their way out from teeth that were pulled. One is already peeking through the gums so they will get that easy when they do the cleaning. The other one is going to be a little more difficult to get to. But guess I can't complain.

Well, better get busy and finish cleaning up the kitchen, and have clothes in the dryer that are going to be calling my name any minute!!

Have a Great Night!

Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow. ~
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