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You girls are a real support to me. With regard to my my eyes - the muscles that are above the eyebrows cause my eyes to shut tight and it takes ages to get them open again - I am noticing that it is longer now and then when they open all is hazy, images, people, words etc. I have spoken with my son and we are in agreement for me to see the neuro=opthamologist so I will go ahead and make the appointment.

Today the weather is warm 27 degrees C. and so I am just going to listen to an audio book that I have - it is the only way that I can get any reading done. We had a holiday yesterday for Australia Day.

Although it is only 3 days of healthy eating I seem to have got my eating back under control. I look at all your menu's and wonder how you can exest on under 1000 calories - I am having at least 1200 a day - and 27 points - I am following a WW program.

Well girls until later - I am going to try and workout how I can answer each person individually and how to get color and different fonts in my post. Any help would sure be appreciated.

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