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<sigh> Maybe after I retire, I won't keep getting lost behind all the postings. We sure have become a busy group here lately. I'm going to take this opportunity, though, to complain and whine about the people at work. There have been some changes in administration, and trust me, they are most definitely NOT changes for the better. The morale is so low around the place now that I really dread going into the office. Half of the admin. assistants spend a part of each day crying in the ladies room because one or other of the so-called "movers and shakers" has treated them like pond scum. I. Can't. Wait. To. Get. Out. Of. There. Period. Three more months. I can do it. I'm sure I can do it - so long as I don't up and call one of them one of the names they so richly deserve to be called in one of our meetings. It's getting harder and harder to deal with their arrogance, though. They tip-toe around me, but I'm betting they'll be glad to see the back end of me all the same. I was going to give them a couple month's notice so that they'd have time to do a search to fill my position, but now I've decided I'll give them the month's notice required in the employee manual and not a day sooner. GRRRRRR. I've been coming home in such foul moods that I can barely tolerate my own self.

Okay enough kvetching.

I've missed so darned much here! But, honestly, as you can see above, I have not been fit company for man nor beast.

Gayle, yes, I have saved all that sort of sentimental stuff, and you're right...when are we ever going to look at it? I should do a clean sweep, as well. As for your DH, I'd give him one swift kick, I swear....grrrrrrrrr.

Bobbi, you are about the farthest person from Miss Piggy that I know! You might nibble at some macaroni & cheese (fat-free cheese, of course) but what you eat on a typical day wouldn't fill my little toe! Enjoy your mac & cheese, girl! As for the chia seeds... I guess I just got sick of bothering with them. They didn't seem to be doing me much good that I could see.

PT, tired and whiney.....guess you're talkin' 'bout ME, huh? They don't call us PT's for nothing!

Welcome, Bee and Daylily ...we're glad to have you!

CaddyK, that video is enough to send me out with a shotgun, I swear! What is WRONG with these nasty little kids these days, anyway?

DeeLee, my nighttime snacks all consist of 2 tbs of PB2 now - 45 calories, and OH, so yummy and satisfying! I've been having it on celery, but last night I splurged a little and had it with apple slices. Soooo good, and still well within my calorie count for the day!

Marie, you are spot on about the allergies and not relying on allergy meds to let you eat stuff that you're allergic to. Absolutely WAY too risky! I'm glad you gave that bit of advice - it could help avoid some really serious outcomes.

Isabella, I sure hope that when I am a bit more aged, there is a wise dil or one of my own kids figures it out - and I get *handled* as nicely as you handle your mom-in-law. And I bet she loves you dearly! "innocent as a dove, wise as a serpent", indeed!

Hope you're enjoying your board retreat, tonight, Rie...sounds like you can use a little relaxation right about now.

OMG, Freda! The dreaded Mammo!!!!! Didn't somebody suggest that if men had to submit to flattening like that on...well, on ANOTHER rather sensitive part of THEIR anatomy, they would be working real hard to find another way to do the screenings?

Lynn, I hope you check out what Marie sure sounds odd that you would keep getting UTIs, and can't shake them. Maybe it IS something else, after all. I know having that kind of thing bothering you all the time must be awfully depressing, and I suspect that's part of the reason why you haven't been attentive about your eating and exercising. Isabella's advice was good, as well....focus on getting your health issues taken care of and worry about the weight after that. You know we love you - now take care and get yourself well, you hear?

Lucinda, oh, MY....that malware business is scary! Would you have to cancel out your cards and get new ones issued just like if they were physically stolen?

I'm glad the hubby is getting a bit more communicative, Rosey. I figured he would. Steve's a good fella except when he's hurting, I think.

Mary, sleeping late....sounds heavenly. If I can't do it, I'm glad that at least a few of us can. My time is coming......YAY.

Carol Sue...I'm at that point where my birthday celebrations are more for the family than for me, too. I'd just as soon try not to notice them myself. The grandkids do make it fun, though, don't they? I hope you're on the mend...are you feeling better?

Okay, over and out for another day. Take care, y'all!!!


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