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Holy Cow....I stopped in this morning and come back to 2 more pages! No report about the news is good news....RIGHT!

It is like late Spring down here. Finally found out Colorado friends are still on the East coast of Fl for another week. So no company for about 2 weeks...i hope. have me so worried. You have been going nonstop forever....between classes,lecturing kids, travel and training. Am not surprised your body is screaming HALT. You worry about everybodyelse and take care of them, but now it's Lynn time. You need to stay home and quietly plan out a fews days meals and cook for Lynn. Plan things you know satisfy the inner man. Practice hugging a cat or at least scratching a cat's ears. We are kids at heart and revert back when ever we let our guard down so craving junk stuff is easy....Solution....since we kinda know where you live and I still have loads of pals in that area, we are getting up a posse of duputy GG thinkalikes that should be galloping into the parking lot with black trash bags to grab the junk...they will do no harm but you may want to lock up the cats.
If you hear something like who is that masked man ...just smile. It's me Tonto!

Gayle.....forget it. You can not even attempt to be a buffer between those 2.
Take from me tried that it doesn't work. It is strictly a male thing. You end up feeling terrible and mad and helpless and then the mouth opens and you try to feed the guilt.....So just walk away sweetie....they have to change themselves.

Welcome to the newbies....jump in we're cooking!

Think I'll change my name to Big Mama and use Donna's cattle probe to get you straight...hear'now......k3
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