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Originally Posted by tec4cleveland View Post
I agree: Body fat % is a valid consideration.

However. I would point out that you should figure out (via Harris-Benedict or other valid calculator) what your energy expenditure is (i.e., what you could eat if you wanted to maintain your current weight * activity factor) and then drop down 20-30%. What you exercise is weighed in (so to speak) by the activity factor (1.3 for moderately active, 1.55 for more active, etc.) So what you eat v. what you exercise should be already adjusted. (I hope that makes sense)

What's really important is to make sure your assessment of your activity level is honest. That's what I've been doing and I'm seeing a steady 2#/week drop. At the same time, I'm monitoring bf% so I know WHAT I'm losing.
Just a note: It looks like this post is advice to the original poster. This thread is over 4 years old and the poster hasn't been active since last July, so it's unlikely the advice will be received by that person.

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