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Originally Posted by ArsenicAlyss View Post
Anyway, I'm a proud pansexual and/or queer chick residing in Southern California, where it seems like everyone in the LGBT community is either a thin high femme, a skinny twinkish gay boy, or a ripped muscle man type. Some diversity, but always thin, and often rude or outright nasty to not-so-thin tomboyish queer punx like me. : /
My experience with this group is completely different and this is not what I've seen in the SoCal community of LGBT folks. Maybe there are other groups that don't intersect socially. Maybe it's just that those from the community that I am familiar with are in academia. I've seen a whole lot of diversity here, myself. Additionally, I've heard lot of discussion about body acceptance. LA does cater to the movie-star types and there's an extreme body consciousness around here which probably skews the majority, however, I know there are quite a lot of folks here who don't fit your assessment, which is why I think there might just be lots of non-intersecting groups. Maybe you should try attending some of the academic events that are marketed or geared toward the LGBT community where you can both hear some great research and meet people who might have opinions and ideologies in common with you.
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