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Last night I made Pork Curry

(2 servings)
8 ounces pork chop-265
1/2 cup dry rice-300
5 oz broccoli-50
7.5 oz mushrooms-50
2 tbls corn oil (for wok lubricant)-240 (I should have measured that better)

So that comes to a total of-453 calories per serving!

Not bad, even with the oil. I need to try to find a way to cut back on that. But the wok is touchy and hard to cook with if you don't use oil. I may try PAM again and see how it works... I'd use olive oil but for woks you need to use an oil that can handle high yeah makes it a little tougher!

So if you'd like to make it....

Cut up your stuff...(get your rice in the rice cooker or going on the stove) Then chop up your veggies and meat. Heat pan, add oil and sear the veggies one at a time. Take them out before searing the others because the wok will cool off too much if you overload it.

Remove all veggies and add more oil to lube up the pan and sear the pork. Add curry powder, salt, pepper, minced garlic, and pepper flakes. Once the pork is cooked add your veggies..stir (Taste test it in case you want to add something)

Serve on top of steamed rice! Yum!
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