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Thanks jiffypop. You're right. I've had "Mom/food" issues all of my life. Mom does her best, but she's one of those people that truly tends to see the world in black and white (or rather her way and the wrong way, and she doesn't let little things like facts get in the way of her beliefs). She met one person who had the wls (and had a great experience), and is all for it. She sees my desire to research the procedure before jumping in with my eyes closed as just another way for me to challenge her. (I'm making her sound like Mommy dearest, but she's really great about 95% percent of the time - but oh that 5 %!). Luckily, I do trust my current doctor. As for the laproscopic surgery, I haven't spoken to a surgeon yet, so I was just going by what I'd been reading on many of the bariatric surgery websites (that stated laproscopic was considered riskier than open procedures for patients over 350 lbs). I think it's also just the principle of the thing. If I were to say "screw the diet" until the surgery, I think it would not be a good sign for my ability to successfully follow the post-surgery "rules." I think I'm pretty much on track. Just have to take it one day at a time like everybody else.
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