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hmmmm colleen... lots of stuff going on with you... first, my surgery was lap, and the docs i was with will do lap on anyone under 500 pounds. the reason it's 500 pounds is because that's the load limit on the operating room table, not because of the lap equipment itself.

so, at 368, you don't have to lose an ounce to qualify for lap surgery. BUT... any weight you lose NOW makes you less of a surgical risk. it eases the strain on your heart and lungs. even a two pounds a week make a huge difference. if we're looking at 6 months from now for the surgery [and this is just a guess...] we're talking nearly 50 pounds! nothing to sneeze at..

as for the lack of mom support... darlin. here's the real deal. ya gotta realize that no matter what, this decision is between you and your doctor. and it actually rests with you, because if you don't feel that your doctor is properly supporting your efforts, whatever your decision, you need a new doctor. it's really hard when you're heavy. we all know we need to be thinner, but we are still, first and foremost, human beings who deserve to be treated with respect and support.

it's a hard thing for us heavy folks to learn.

but back to mom. if it gets too tough for you, may i suggest separate meetings for you two? yeah, i know that could cause some problems, but if you're doing what you KNOW is right, you don't need to be undermined in this way.

and it's kind of interesting. most people with mom issues have moms who are against the surgery. this is the first time i've heard of one PUSHING for it!!!!! maybe she's interested in it????

go in with your eyes wide open. after 18 months, i'm officially in iron deficiency anemia. but my compulsive PCP won't give me iron supplements until i have a colonoscopy, which is at least 3 weeks away!!!

iron supplements will fix this. but if you're not willing to take these supplements when you need them, you're risking a lot.

backl to WW. you're right: it's good practice for the changes you'll need to make after surgery, but please remember that you'll be playing by a whole different set of rules: lots of protein. some vegs, no fruit [for awhile] and no starchy carbs [for quite awhile longer!]. not exactly WW. but the efforts at portion control, handling stress, boredom, the munchies, etc. eating consciously.. all that is just exactly what you'll need to handle the after-surgery life.

as for ole alvin.. he's lost more than anyone i know,m but he's doing it on the mashed potatoes plan. a recipe for troulbe [and barb has lectured and lectured and fussed and fumed about this]. but bottom line: he's responsible for what he puts in his mouth, as are we all..
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