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My first doc said to me that I was eating too much, keep a food diary, so I did. He looked at it and said that I was lying and if I WASN'T lying, then I was eating too much fruit???

The second lady I saw last a few weeks ago said I was lying about my excercise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My new endocronologist told me "it is what it is" and that I need to "deal with it". He was 500 lbs. He said my heart is strong, I am not disbetic, my cholesterol is great, but resting pulse is 65 and and blood pressure 114/70. Deal with it. ??????????

Even if I ate more than I should, at 5 days a week excercising, there is no way for me not to see a loss? Right? Even a .3 of a pound???? I never worked out this much, by default, I would lose SOMETHING????

I mean, my one chisel class....the instructor is INSANE. We do like 60-75 reps of everything. The girls in there are using like 4 lbs weights and struggle and I am using 8 lb and doing ok. I can do 100 squats with 5 lb weights.

I keep beating myself up about it and I am so frustrated. I am going to look into the carb? What is the best one?

Thank you all for your replies...sorry I am so frustrated...I am so over it!!!AND to top it off, not going to the gym bc of my back, and my ENT put me on 10mg of prednisone this week!!!!!!!!!!! I have been getting CHRONIC sinus infections. It SUCKS!!!! I swear I am going to gain 10 lbs JUST from the steroids.

Sniff sniff
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