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Default Pastas!!!!!!!

YAY! I think most of us can agree that pasta IS AMAZING. Well I am proud to say I have learned a few things how to make healthy pastas!

One I developed last night was.......

Creamy mushroom sauce with red peppers and shrimp! I made it about 470 calories a serving. (made 2 for us)
Keep in mind you can tweak things to your preference! If you don't like peppers take them out...add nothing or add another veggie! It helps to have a scale, but if you go to you can look up serving sizes in cup measurements too.

4 ounces high fiber pasta-420
1 cup low fat Greek yogurt-130
15 grams- parmesan cheese-60 (Aka 3 TBS)
4.6 ounces portabella mushroom-50
12.6 ounces of red bell pepper-90
1 tsp chicken stock concentrate-10
8 ounces shrimp with tails- 160
Splash of milk- 20

Seasonings, minced garlic, garlic salt, red pepper flakes, black pepper....and I think that was it.

Get your water boiling for your noodles.....and cook them during all the rest...

Ok first cut up your mushrooms and sauté them in a pan with PAM spray. Take them out, put your cut up peppers in…repeat method…add minced garlic. Put mushrooms back in...add shrimp...add 1 TSP chicken stock with a half or so of hot water, mix and add to pan. Add your seasonings to your preference.

After boiling in pan turn off heat, add the low fat Greek yogurt, and then the parmesan cheese. Stir up, add a splash of milk if too thick.


Turned out awesome.....I put way too much red pepper flakes cause it was hot as **** but yummy!

Best thing was I also made this new "Miracle Noodle" to try it with the was ACTUALLY GOOD! I say that because this Miracle Noodle is CALORIE FREE! I don't believe it either.....But it wasn't bad...texture is like Asian rice noodles.....


Please feel free to share your healthy pasta recipes!

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