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Originally Posted by full of grace View Post
Sending you }}}}vibes{{{{ for your back. I know that's tough.

That truly made me feel better!

but I don't see me adding to the landfills like this forever (and certainly, this is better than fast food containers or a bunch of disposable coffee cups or other things I *don't* use). But... I know.

Yes! Good points all. Guilt free again! thx

I went out for dinner with a friend and found myself making REALLY good choices (like, REALLY good) and it felt great! Usually, I'm the one who says, "Oh yes! Let's get that appetizer and share it!" and this time, I said, "Oh, no. I'm fine with just my entree." That was nice.

No kidding REALLY good choices! This is wonderful! It's the kind of thing that is the intangible success/change. Wow, I could hear myself saying that the next time --

Well, I understand that. I really do. I was afraid to step on the scales after my travel, because I really did think I had put on a BUNCH of weight. I just had NO exercise and some really bad food choices. Amazing, that just two days back on the proverbial horse and I was back to where I was before I left.

I think maintaining during travel is about the best I can hope for!

Do your best -- you sound pretty confident and that goes a long way to making those great choices. Do you walk or drink extra water? that kind of thing? Or are you pretty much stuck with certain food fares?

Oh, I'm back and will be traveling again in mid-Feb. I have a trip per month set up, so it's a little bit predictable, but still something I'm hoping to come up with a good plan for managing.

You will! You are inspiring the heck out of me already!

Again, I hope you're feeling better and I'll let you know when my blog is up and running again. 'til then, we can check in here. I'm glad to have your support too!
Looking forward to your blog! I'm much better today! I can finally wash & put my clothes away from my trip!

Putting pictures up of yesterdays' meals I hope today. So far I'm in the honeymoon phase of opening packages and eating -- couldn't help wonder how I'm going to feel pulling out one of those meals in a month -- so I've decided I have to find a way to keep it new and fresh. Maybe have three colored markers and quickly scribble happy faces and flowers on the meals (color code B, L, D) so when I pull them out I see my little mark of positive choice - later -

Must commit to a 10 minute walk today. So announcing it here for accountability.

Hope your day goes well!

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