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Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
HI Grace -- so glad you liked my blog! My enthusiasm has waned as this pinched nerve in my back is somewhat of a setback. I can't sit for very long over a computer typing!
Sending you }}}}vibes{{{{ for your back. I know that's tough.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I got my Pure Foods Box on Friday -- so exciting -- but I'm such a worry/perfectionist -- too much packaging, look at all this plastic that is not recyclable -- I have to keep telling myself weight and health FIRST!
I know. I went through that too. Then I realized all the lids, all the food containers, the box itself, that stuff is recyclable. Sure, the styro and the gel-packs, they're not, but I don't see me adding to the landfills like this forever (and certainly, this is better than fast food containers or a bunch of disposable coffee cups or other things I *don't* use). But... I know.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
Also, little miss negativity that I can be -- I counted calories for the day on the back of packages, 700-800 -- I was very uncharitable in my thoughts! "Sure anyone can lose weight that way!" Totally forgetting I wanted gluten free, no grocery shopping, just eat whats in front of me for two months - and I didn't order it with snacks.
Right. I did that first math too and said, "OH! So we're barely hitting 900 calories a day with this stuff! Got it!" and then I added in milk and yogurt and fruit and veggies and *sometimes* a cocktail or two, which is a great way to be sure I don't feel deprived. So far so good. And yes, the convenience of not having to CHECK to see if there's wheat gluten... that's awesome.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
Knowing that I swim and will need 1200 calories to lose weight -- I will add daily yogurt with or without 1/2 banana (and maybe 1/8 cup grapenuts depending on activity for the day) -- or apple and cheese stick -- almond butter on Ezikial bread -- or a Whey (Robbs) protein shake -- found a way to make one with raw almond butter, almond milk, water & ice that is REALLY good!
Fantastic plan! I like it!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I tell you i've been walking more, sticking to more vegies -- very little salt, staying away from the popcorn at the movie theater, no going out to eat, stopping just before full, also I use butter or coconut or olive oil when I use a fat -- and my wedding ring is ready to drop off and a pair of jeans that 'just fit' could have been pulled straight off of me yesterday!!
Wow! That's impressive! I love it! My wedding ring got loose too and that is so much fun, but my jeans are still "on" so I have a bit to go, even though my waist (not WASTE, as I said in a post above -- -- eesh) is lower. My hips are stubborn. Hee!

I went out for dinner with a friend and found myself making REALLY good choices (like, REALLY good) and it felt great! Usually, I'm the one who says, "Oh yes! Let's get that appetizer and share it!" and this time, I said, "Oh, no. I'm fine with just my entree." That was nice.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
small changes -- I almost feel undeserving -- my kids said, "mom, you've lost weight" and another person asked how -- I eat well, whole foods. Start walking, eat less - I don't know -- I'm just staying aware of my 'diet' of life.

So, I made my breakfast with a true skeptics lack of faith. Eggs, the vegie omelet -- has a foodie I'm thinking eggs! no one can make pre-cooked eggs taste good! Holy Cow was I surprised! I cooked in a small fry pan that was already seasoned with left-over coconut oil, put a lid on it on med-lo for about 4 minutes, threw the cheese on for another 1 minute, plated it and wha-la! I was totally shocked on how good it tasted.
I too was surprised by the quality of the eggs. Noodlebean -- a 3FC friend I made in 2008, here -- blogged about many of these diet delivery programs and she didn't enjoy the eggs from any of the programs, I think. So, I had braced myself not to enjoy the eggs. Turns out, they're GREAT! So, yay!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
A great start; I'm off to the races! Will do another weigh-in on Friday and see how far I've come. i'm almost afraid to as I've been going on how I feel and that scale can undermine that, but there has to be a measure for others to see if I'm going to blog about it.
Well, I understand that. I really do. I was afraid to step on the scales after my travel, because I really did think I had put on a BUNCH of weight. I just had NO exercise and some really bad food choices. Amazing, that just two days back on the proverbial horse and I was back to where I was before I left.

I think maintaining during travel is about the best I can hope for!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I can't wait until you are back from your trip and we are both on the same page!
Oh, I'm back and will be traveling again in mid-Feb. I have a trip per month set up, so it's a little bit predictable, but still something I'm hoping to come up with a good plan for managing.

Again, I hope you're feeling better and I'll let you know when my blog is up and running again. 'til then, we can check in here. I'm glad to have your support too!
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