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This is a very good group of very intellignet (even if we can't type, or spell either) I suggest you read this whole thread, it's only been going about a year,and there are lots and lots of really good information in it. DebKay & Jiff had their surgery about 18 months ago and my DH ole Alvin had his 15 months ago. That is when the great girls here on 3fc took us out of the "Fitness Scams" section to be the respectable group we are today. Anyway if you go back and read some of our eariler post, you will get a lot of insight of what life after surgery is really about. We are not medical people and believe it or not we have real lives, and we talk about our lives, not just surgery, but our lives. These lifes have all been changed by the decision to have the surgery, but we are just normal people going about the normal thing. I know when ole Alvin first started talking about surgery, I was scared to death for him to have it. If he died, I would be left here to go on without him, and I wasn't wanting to do that. Everything I read were horror stories, how if you happened to make it off the operating table, you'd wish you hadn't type thing.

But ole Alvin is such a different person today than he was 18 months ago. He feels so much better, not to mention how much better he looks, that if he had it to do over again, I'd be pushing for him to do it. I must add that his opinion is not quite the same, he feels that it was his only option, but when I mention the idea of my having it, he trys to talk me out of it.

But hang in ther and read everything you can about it. Talk to you doctor, but don't be suprised it he/she is not all for it. But you have to make your own decision, but make it as informed as you can.

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