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Default I have missed you all!!!!

Hey gals and guy (lol)..... this post is going to be short.... but I AM BACK!!

Life is still a little hectic. I had gained 25 pounds back between working and not sleeping more than 4.5- 5 hours a day and NO exercise.... but since January 1 I have lost 6.5 pounds..... I am still at the doctor's office but only 20 hours a week... this is my last week at this physical office, I will get going to the new one for one day a week starting next week and I should be completely done by March.

I have missed so much, I have no clue what is going on-- except the last posts. Tymaboy I see you are heading for the "D". I am sorry, but it sounds like you are level headed about it.
Reda.... CANCUN? I am jealous.
Holly, I see you are at the dreaded winter job. I thought of you the other day when I saw a tourist place in VT... thinking about the store.
Aaron, you seem to be doing well losing.

Long and short of my life now.... I will take PD physical in April b/c they did not have one last Fall. My oldest is in pilot school now.... he is a "warrant officer" and that is a pretty high accomplishment for a 22 year old. He went through that training as the youngest by 10 years. My youngest moved out on his 18th birthday and I rarely see him. I text him nightly to tell him I love him.... I get a reply about every other night. My life was a living "you know where" before he moved out.... and although I am broken hearted it is getting somewhat better. I don't even know who he is... he used to be so kind hearted and good spirited, now I am left with barely seeing him (5 minutes on Christmas-- he would not even come in the house) and left with the nagging fact that my son is now someone who is capable of stealing his mother's coat (he stole my non-riding leather coat and pawned it)..... I pray for him to come back to the Zeke I know.... but I guess only time will tell.
I did not ride much at all last year, in fact I thought of selling..... but I did take a ride a few days ago and froze my rear off.... but it did renew my will to want to ride again.

I hope to be back at least a couple times a week to catch up with you all. I miss you A LOT!!!!

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