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Red face Started Freshology Get Slim Silver 2012

Hi, I’m new to the site. So I started the Freshology Get Slim Silver program this week. The get slim Silver is the flash frozen meal service from Freshology.

The food arrived on time, I liked all but 1 of the meals, felt full. I was extremely excited about starting the program in hopes of dropping 20-30 pounds in 8 weeks. Based on researching the program, reading blogs such as this one and listening to current member’s experience with the program from ladies at the hair salon 8 weeks seemed like a realistic time frame for reaching my goal.

Once I budgeted properly to accommodate the program (the program isn’t cheap) I signed up ready to begin a healthier more balanced eating regimen. Aside from my sweet tooth I regularly ate healthy and exercised 1-2 times per week.

I also stepped up my workouts to 4 days per week, 2 weeks prior to starting the program. This week I only worked out 3 times.

So why the long face? I only lost 1 pound this week! I don’t understand it. From the posts of other happy Freshology Get Slim Silver plan participants they lost 5-7pounds in the 1st week.
I went into this planning on 8 weeks with the program. I will stick with it but I sure I hope I start seeing more assuring results than I’ve seen so far. Thoughts?

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