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Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
Hi Grace -- my little blog is http ://
Fantastic blog! Wow! Thanks for sharing. I've been trying to get mine moved over from the 3FC blogs to my own WordPress blog, but it's slow-going. I'm inspired by yours and I hope you're feeling better! Smart to rest.

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I'm still waiting to officially start the eating plan until after my travel trip. Though I am sticking to mostly protein and Vegies. Scheduling my food to be delivered a week from Friday. Though I don't zap anymore -- tossed the micro-wave and will spare you the details. That's partially why I'm so glad PureFoods allows one to use a toaster over. The other pre-packaged don't.
Cool! I'm probably microwaving more than using the toaster oven, but there are definitely some foods that are better that way, so I'm glad to have options. I took a week off from delivery due to travel and now I'm back and, even though I gained weight on my trip (shocker) it was all gone two days later, and back on the plan. That's pretty impressive.

I'm really enjoying how much FIBER I get with this diet. Really cool!

Originally Posted by Healthhappy View Post
I find when I travel and eat out a lot the best rule to implement is
food-combining. And re: exercise -- just stick to the 10 minute rule -- 10 minutes brisk walk when ever, where ever you can. And I (used to) do girl push-ups and sit-ups -- hits all the muscle groups and doesn't require special time management during a busy trip.

Have fun where ever you are going!
That's a smart tip! Thank you. I didn't see it before I left, but I'll be traveling a lot this year, so I'll try to keep at it. I just retain so much water when I'm on airplanes, and I really can't control so many of my food offerings at some of the places I visit, but I try to make the best choice THERE that I can. Better than nothing!

Hope This week was a good one! I'm excited to be home, back on the Wii Fit, back on the PureFoods, and hopefully getting my blog restored and out there soon.

I did update my tickers. Back down to where I was ten days ago on weight, down another half-inch on the waste. Yay!
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